Bio-Rad Receives My Green Lab Certification

December 2022

Bio-Rad is proud to announce that one of our Northern California labs has received a My Green Lab Platinum Certification, among the highest possible rankings. My Green Lab Certification is considered the "gold standard" for laboratory sustainability best practices around the world.

Kaiti Schwartz, a scientist in Bio-Rad's Life Science Group (LSG) Reagents R&D team, says obtaining the certification has helped her become more conscious of how to reduce environmental impact both in and out of the lab. “I feel really good about the fact that I can do these things in the laboratory as well as in my personal life,” Kaiti says. “I feel like everything that I’m doing and the choices I’m making are making a difference.” 


Bio-Rad's My Green Lab Team from left to right: Kaiti Schwartz, Ciera Khuu, Evan Bursey, and Aryan Samar. The Life Science Reagents R&D lab received the certification in October after an assessment of lab practices, equipment, waste, and procurement.

After receiving a rating of 37% from My Green Lab in March, Kaiti says she and three colleagues began taking steps to decrease the environmental footprint of their research – from reducing daily plastic waste to changing the freezer temperature from –80 degrees Celsius to –70 and turning off lab equipment that is not in use. The culmination of these efforts was a new rating of 71% for the lab in October, which landed Bio-Rad the Platinum level certification (levels go Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Green).  

The certification is part of a companywide focus on sustainability at Bio-Rad, but it also shows the impact all of us can make when making incremental improvements in our daily lives.

“It just made me think about what I did every part of my day,” Kaiti says. “And now I run around and turn lights off.” 

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