Cindy Perry



Cindy Perry doesn’t like to take days off. A self-proclaimed “Jill of all trades,” the Mastercrasftsman from Bio-Rad's Manufacturing Warehouse in Richmond, California says her time at Bio-Rad has been the most rewarding of her career.

“My job is hard sometimes,” she says. “I have to physically take pipes apart or undo big nuts and bolts and all kinds of hard work, but it’s the best job that I’ve ever had.” 

She says what makes her job so rewarding is the people she works alongside. “At the plant I work, there are great people, and we’re all kind of a family over here,” Cindy says. “Everybody treats each other with respect, and they all help each other out.” 

Aside from making for a great place to work, she says this willingness to help each other is heroic, too. “Heroes are people that are willing to help,” Cindy says. “A hero could be my coworker who just finished a big job and I consider him a hero because he got it done and now the system’s working...They’re just your average person, who wants to do right.” 

Cindy knows a thing or two about helping people, too. Not only is she a lead for her location’s Emergency Response Team — prior to coming to Bio-Rad, Cindy also trained and worked as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) responding to emergencies. 


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