Hector Macias-Saldivar



What makes a hero at Bio-Rad? Just ask Hector Macias-Saldivar, a BioPharma Account Executive at Bio-Rad. “I believe a hero is defined by heroic acts — instances where the person goes above and beyond the call of duty,” he says. 

During his five plus years at Bio-Rad, Hector has grown from an application scientist, to an account manager, and now to a BioPharma Account Executive, where he meets with customers in a variety of industries. “I meet with Bio-Pharma and Bio-Tech groups and I assess their needs in the genomics space,” he says. “And what I provide them are solutions that we have here at Bio-Rad, from equipment, to consumables, to services.” 

For Hector, the most important part of his job is not selling products, but creating relationships. “I build relationships with these groups that span many years, so the hope is not only to sell something but to foster growth between both sides.” 

From a personal perspective, Hector says what keeps him coming back to work each day is the Company's commitment to providing opportunities to grow. "At Bio-Rad, it’s not just words," he says. "They are actively trying to promote and foster the growth of my career."


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