Meet Sadie


Not everyone knows what they want in a career at first, but at Bio-Rad, we strive to help employees find their passions. This was the case for Sadie Eicher of Bio-Rad’s Clinical Diagnostics Group, who says Bio-Rad helped her discover what she was best at. 

“I never, ever would have thought of myself as a marketer — I think of myself more as a scientist,” Sadie says. 

Despite her background in translational medicine, Sadie was encouraged to take a Marketing internship with Bio-Rad. “I loved it,” she says. “They knew how to use what I could do. It was both rewarding and interesting, and it made it super clear for me when I graduated that I wanted to work here.”

Sadie came back to Bio-Rad after finishing her master’s program, and now works as a product manager in the clinical immunology division of Clinical Diagnostics. Today, she says the people she works alongside are her favorite part of her job. 

“I really like the people that I work with here, and almost anybody you talk to at Bio-Rad, that’s the first thing they’re going to say,” she says. “And when you’re starting your career, I think that’s so important. I couldn’t think of a better opportunity than what I’ve been given here.” 


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