Woei Tan


While we often, rightfully so, think of heroes as those on the frontlines of emergencies and pandemics, at Bio-Rad we believe heroes do the little things, too. 

Woei Tan, a senior staff scientist for Bio-Rad, believes even a small fraction of time can have a 
big impact on someone else. “I think a hero is someone who’s willing to give up some of their time to help somebody else,” says Woei. “If I can put away 5 minutes of my precious time every day and help a fellow employee to resolve a problem, I think that’s something huge.” 

Woei says one of his favorite aspects of his job is solving complex problems. “That’s one thing that motivates me a lot, that makes me want to come back to work each day: to help solve problems,” Woei says. “Things don’t always work out the way we expect them to work out, simply because we’re dealing with biology.” Ultimately, it’s through collaboration and teamwork at Bio-Rad that problems are not only solved, but turned into strengths. 

As the leader of a team, Woei says it’s now his responsibility to pass on this mentality, while also helping those on his team to succeed. “Part of my job is to make sure my direct reports are growing and helping to pave their career path, just like 17 years ago when someone helped me out when I first came to Bio-Rad.”


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