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Bio-Rad Launches Women's Resource Group

July 2022

As part of Bio-Rad's evolving Diversity and Inclusion Program, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Women's Employee Resource Group. Like other employee resource groups, our new women's group is open to any US employee who is passionate about developing programs that offer a sense of community and belonging at Bio-Rad. 

"Bio-Rad’s newly formed Women's ERG was developed to build an inclusive community, and to discuss and create awareness around issues women face in the workplace," said Frenchelle Franklin, D&I Program Manager at Bio-Rad. "Additionally, our new program will provide tools and resources for women and educate colleagues who work with women to be better equipped to support them," Frenchelle added.

The women's group joins four other D&I employee resource groups at Bio-Rad: 

Allyship Group: Aims to help create a culture in which underrepresented groups feel valued, supported, and heard.

Disability Group: Raises awareness of workplace issues that affect people with disabilities. These employees also create a safe and empathetic space where people with disabilities and their allies can openly discuss issues facing them.

Mental Health Network: Helps Bio-Rad employees learn effective strategies to deal with life stressors and provide a community to talk about mental and physical health struggles.

Multicultural Group: Promotes the heritage or ethnicity of their members by offering educational opportunities, networking, cultural events, and social gatherings.

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