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Meet Two of Our 2022 Diversity Scholarship Winners

July 2022

Bio-Rad recently announced that we have awarded 13 scholarships this year to students from diverse backgrounds in the San Francisco Bay Area. Below are two of our terrific scholarship recipients sharing what the scholarship means to them. Congratulations Charissa and Zoey! 


Meet Charissa 


"I am honored to be selected for this award! To me, the Bio-Rad scholarship is an acknowledgment of the challenges I’ve overcome thus far, and will continue to motivate me to advocate for greater inclusion of persons of color and all gender identities in STEM fields."


Meet Zoey


"This scholarship will mitigate my student loan amount, so that any debt I incur will be manageable after graduating college. Furthermore, this assistance will eliminate my work study requirement so that I can focus on effectively studying and successfully graduating in order to achieve my goal of becoming a scientific illustrator."


Congratulations once again to Charissa, Zoey, and all of our Diversity Scholarship Recipients for being awarded with a $2,000 scholarship! 

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