Online Recruitment Fraud Alert: 

Bio-Rad has been alerted to a recent and ongoing scam consisting of individuals posing as Bio-Rad representatives purportedly recruiting applicants for various employment opportunities with the Company. The perpetrators claim to be offering employment to work at Bio-Rad. In reality, we believe these individuals are attempting to fraudulently obtain personal and/or banking information from those whom they contact under the guise of an employment opportunity.

Please Note: The perpetrators are in no way affiliated with Bio-Rad or its legitimate recruiting efforts. We ask that you please confirm whether you are communicating with an authorized recruiter from Bio-Rad and please note that:

  • Under no circumstance will a Bio-Rad recruiter request banking information from a prospective employee
  • Under no circumstances does Bio-Rad conduct interviews via text, instant message or email
  • Under no circumstances will Bio-Rad ask you to send or receive money as part of the recruitment or onboarding process
  • If you have any questions about the legitimacy of a communication from Bio-Rad, please email us at to verify that the communication is legitimate

Please be wary of any emails claiming to be Bio-Rad Human Resource employees that originate from anything other than the Bio-Rad email system (i.e., an email address ending in