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Pleasanton, CA

About Pleasanton 

Pleasanton is centrally located in the Tri-Valley area just east of San Francisco, at the intersection of the Pleasanton/Dublin BART line and major freeways. Armed with our unique set of products, people, and passion, our team here is changing the way scientists and healthcare providers understand, diagnose, and treat disease. 

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“This is not a job only. It’s going to affect thousands or millions of people’s lives. And that’s a very good feeling.” 

Yasaman, System Engineer 

“The DBG culture is a combination of startup technology with the support of a very stable company, Bio-Rad. Which is very rare.” 

Aki, Marketing Manager 

A Team of Heroes 

Ours is a culture of Inclusion. Each of us brings our unique skill set and insights to the table, allowing us to make the best decisions for ourselves and for our customers. 

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Engaging Technology

Our digital-droplet technology is already an industry game-changer. For patients, it’s a potential life-changer. For our team, it’s daily motivation to continue pushing the envelope and the limits of what’s possible.  

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