Meet Tom



Tom Davies, a senior technical support manager at Bio-Rad, says one of the things that motivates him each day is Bio-Rad’s mission to advance scientific discovery and improve healthcare. “I think our mission is very heroic,” he says. “There’s strong moral integrity in the discovery process, and when you consider the clinical market, we’ve got to make sure that our instruments are reporting accurate information. People’s lives are at stake.” 

Thankfully, Tom says Bio-Rad is filled with people who take this responsibility seriously, and it shows in the Company’s products. “Our people are very customer-centric and they want to do what’s right for our customers,” Tom says. “Bio-Rad also has great technology and some innovative products that offer great value to our customers.” 

Tom, a molecular biologist by trade, says that he’s built relationships with a number of colleagues at Bio-Rad who have helped him excel in different roles. “We have very talented people here,” he says. “I think that’s been instrumental in my journey. I’ve taken on projects and roles that have been very new to me. Knowing there are people willing to support you as you develop makes all the difference when you’re in a new role.” 

“Bio-Rad continues to supply me with a lot of opportunities to grow, and to learn new things, and since joining the company my knowledge of this business has expanded,” Tom adds. “They’ve taken a chance on me, and that’s been crucial to my job satisfaction.”


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